Honey Bees

This morning I got a message from a friend of mine who set me up with my honey bee hive.  He was heading out to his bee yards and wanted to know if I was up for playing the part of assistant bee keeper.  Alas, I’ve got about one hundred cupcakes in the oven for my son’s grad party Saturday, so it just wasn’t in the cards for today.  But, he did drop by to check on my hive and to put a new hive on top of the first one.  This is my first experience with bees, and we’ve only had them for a few weeks, so I’m pretty clueless.  Thank goodness they like to be left alone for the most part.  When Brett took the lid off the hive, it was full of comb and some honey.  Pretty exciting!  He scraped that off into a bowl and we got our first taste of the honey.  Super sweet, and so, so good!  I thought I was looking forward to honey harvest time before.  Now I’m counting the days until I see it dripping through a sieve in my kitchen.

Our very first taste of honey from our hive.


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