Another week…..

I just came in from an hour of weeding in the garden.  Strangely, I find weeding addictive.  Feel free to throw things at me, I know it sounds bizarre.  When I was a kid and was sent out to weed the garden, I couldn’t wait to be finished and hated every second of it.  Maybe I get carried away now because as an adult I don’t get to spend a lot of time by myself doing something that my brain doesn’t need to think about.  Does that make sense?  I always feel like I’ve got so many balls in the air, I’m constantly thinking about what needs to be done and what I am doing (which is usually several things at a time.)  When I’m weeding, I’m just pulling stuff up and pulling more stuff up.  My brain is quiet, I’m quiet.  At night, I need to read, even just for a few minutes, in order to shut off the constant ticker tape in my head.  It’s like a few pages of someone else’s story helps me forget my own long enough to pass out.  No more grocery lists, to do lists, family schedules, ect.  Just me and that stupid blade of grass in the middle of my beets.  Weird, but I stand by my assertion that weeding can be therapeutic.

One of the many things I got to do this week was spend a day in the city with my husband and youngest son.  We went to the movies, out for dinner, and I did errands.  On the way home, we stopped at my brother’s house for a quick visit.  He was in the barn working on a trailer, my little nephew enjoying his sandbox.  My brother has alpacas.  They are such lovely animals, I like checking in with them when we visit.  And this time, there was a new baby!  This little boy (name pending) was only three days old.

The new baby boy in the field

But he’s not the only new baby at the farm.  This little guy is three weeks old.

Another new baby boy

He’s a little camera shy, I guess.  But hanging out with these guys is also one of those things that brings me a few minutes of quiet and a feeling of peaceful contentedness.  Kind of like weeding, minus the sore back at the end.

Week number two at the farmers market was good.  I had a much bigger booth this week, which was terrific.  Thanks to the couple who normally occupy it but offered it to me this week since they wouldn’t be there.  They have permanent shelving in their stall for the gift baskets they do.  And it was terrific for my display.

The big seller this week was strawberry margarita jam.  It’s amazing how excited people get when you tell them there is tequila in a jam.  Really.  Everyone who sampled it bought a jar.  That was a pretty good track record, I thought.  I have two jars left of the two batches I made.  So I’ll be off to the strawberry u-pick this week in order to do up a few more batches.  It’s probably the last week for strawberries, so I’m going to make it count.  Another item gaining in popularity is the lemon poppy-seed mini loaves.

Lemon poppy-seed mini loaves, still hot from the oven.

I put the lemon zest in the loaves, and then juiced the lemons to make the lemon syrup.  I basted these little babies for about an hour while I was making the strawberry margarita jam.  First I used a skewer to poke holes in them, then basted, then flipped them over, then basted.  Then flipped them back and basted.  And basted again.  They were well soaked with lemon syrup by the time the jam cooled.  There is one loaf left.  I think it would be great with a cup of tea right about now.  While I recuperate from all that weeding.


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