Birthdays and how babies change your life

Me and my first born when he was 11 months old

Me and my first born when he was 11 months old






My oldest child turned 18 today. At 5:35am Eastern Standard time. I had just turned 20 and my life was no longer my own. Which was huge. I was going from college party girl to mom in no time flat. My youngest brother had just turned four, so it wasn’t like I had no experience with babies. But to be fully responsible for someone else, that’s the biggest thing in the world. I remember bringing him home and him crying and me almost hysterical because I didn’t know why he was crying. The nurses at the hospital seemed to speak baby and could tell you from the cry what he wanted or needed. I had no clue. Then I gave myself the mental slap across the face and told myself that I was just going to have to figure it out. And I did. As billions of women before me have and billions more will. He grew and grew into a super smart and handsome boy and then into a young man. He’s had to live with some really hard things. He learned much earlier than some that life isn’t fair and that it can change in a heartbeat. He struggles, and he’s trying to find his way. And that’s part of growing up. I watch, and hope and pray that good things are coming for him and that he’ll make them happen for himself. Happy birthday my boy. Thank you for making me a better person and for making me a mom. Best gift I’ve ever gotten.


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